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Precaution and Basic Health Care

Increasing Immunity

As we know that immunity can be categorized into three parts viz. innate immunity, internal and external defense, you should be aware of any attack from a broad spectrum of pathogens and maintain defence. When you get fever or inflammation then be sure that your internal defenses started acting and that is innate immune task. You should act to minimise the cause of fever rather killing internal defenses. Biologically, internal defense i.e. fever is the respose to an infection by raising temperature out of its normal homeostatic range. Even at-times inflammation in particular region of the body acts as internal defense to stop the spread of the infection in that particular area. Those infection may rise to excess cell growth or tumors.

In biological terms, the reproduction and cell-to-cell unity gives rise to new cells (new born off-spring) at higher species by copulation and lower specises respectively. When unwanted Sperm ends up in the Vagina due to un-natural sexual relationships then a bad off-spring takes birth in higher specises and when unwanted cells unite with other incompatible cells then pendemic virus or pathogens may rise. In humans fever, natural killer cells, plasma cells, accuired immunity, phagocytes and cell-mediated specific immunity acts as internal defenses. Many herbs and naturecure may help to restore immunity like commercially available "Dabur Chyawanprash." That's why it is said that humans should copulate or marry with compataible significant other as per birth-chart (Kundli-Horoscope) or beaware of sexually, genetically or/and neurologically transmitted diseases and related problems as per the spouses biological data wherein birthchart data is not available.

External defenses or protections are the covering and the linings of the body that prevent infections before the pathogens entering the body. A male and female should beaware of un-covering and linings before and during the sexual intercourse. Many virus like CoVid-19 survive due to bad external defenses. It is noteworthy that internal defenses and innate immunity are more imortant than the external defenses. Therefore, inner purity is often suggested by spiritual leaders and sages. Even nutritional experts and doctors suggest to build immunity by balanced diet but again external factors are disturbed and controlled by culture, country, religions, social norms or stigma, climate, space and time. It is easy to self regulate and control innate immunity or at-times inner defenses but hard to control external defenses. A male - female relationships are paramount and pivotal to study and abide following these precautionary measures and factors.

Always remember immunity helps in better body functioning:

Innate immunity Internal defenses External defenses

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